Ultrasonic Cavitation/Lipolysis- use of low frequency sound waves and rays of light to burst, shrink, and liquify fat cells. $125

Cellulite Reduction- removal of dimples and lumpy skin appearance caused by fat deposits. $100

Skin Tightening- use of radio frequency to tighten loose/sagging skin and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. $100

Vacuum Butt Lift or Enhancement- use of vacuum therapy to lift or enhance the the butt by mobilizing fat cells to the desired area. $100

Hip&Butt Enhancement- use of vacuum therapy to bring out hip indentation as well as lifting/plumping the butt for a curvier appearance. $150

Mesotherapy- use of needless injections (filled with vitamins, enzymes, hormones, stem cells) to rejuvenate/tighten, reduce cellulite, and remove excess fat. $150

Fat Dissolving Injections- use of a fat dissolving serum injected directly into the fatty tissue, causing fat cells to break apart and be removed from the body through normal metabolism. $180

Body Wrap- helps rid the body of toxins, boost metabolism, tightens the skin, and gives the body a slimmer appearance. $50

Full Body Detox- use of an infrared sauna blanket which causes sweating to detoxify the body of unwanted chemicals, relieve muscle tension, increase metabolism, boost immune system, and aids with weight loss. $50 (30 min) $70 (45 min) $85 (1 hour)

Ionic Foot Detox- a foot soak charged with negative and positive ions used to pull toxins out of the blood which are removed out through the feet. $40

V Steam- requires an individual to sit over herb infused steam, in order to cleanse the vagina and reproductive system of toxins. Also helps with reducing menstrual cramps/bleeding/bloating, hemorrhoids, boosting fertility, promoting healing after childbirth, reducing stress, and increasing sexual desire and lubrication. $50

Prices listed are for a single area of the body (abdomen, arms, legs, thighs, butt, etc.) For treatment on more than one area, receiving the same service, there will be an additional cost.